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Theological Commons at MTSO

Through its Theological Commons, MTSO presents events in pursuit of a just, sustainable and generative world.

The Theological Commons promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience between students, faculty, professionals and the public for the benefit of all participants and those they serve. See upcoming MTSO events.

Event resources, often including video recordings, are archived here.

Theological Commons events frequently address topics at the intersection of ecology, theology and food justice. Here are a few examples:

On Higher Ground: Ministries of Food Sovereignty in African American Christian Traditions
Lecture by Heber Brown III, senior pastor of Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, and founder and executive director of the Black Church Food Security Network.

Women’s Participation in Food Justice: Developing Transnational Solidarity
Lecture by MTSO Assistant Professor of Theology, Ecology and Race Elaine Nogueira-Godsey and Ohio State University doctoral student Kelsey Ryan-Simkins.

Reading Noah’s Ark in the Age of Climate Change
Lecture by Julia Watts Belser, associate professor of Jewish studies at Georgetown University.

Shades of Green: Faithfully Financing Climate Justice
Four panelists provide an introduction to the financial decisions made by large banking interests that support fossil fuels.

Faith, Food and Flourishing with Heber Brown
A workshop around food justice