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Celebrate a True Connection from Our Farm to Your Plate


Seminary Hill Farm is a sustainable market farm that rests on 10 acres of land on the campus of Methodist Theological School in Ohio, located outside of Columbus. Committed to building a sustainable food system for our community, we are focused on being both a place of learning and a place to gather and celebrate fresh, local food.  We have intentionally chosen sustainable farming practices that build the health of the soil and the plant.  The fresh harvest from Seminary Hill Farm offers a true connection from farm-to-table.

Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program offers a new way for you to enjoy hyper-local food harvested directly from the farm.  Each product shared through our CSA program is carefully planned and cultivated so we can provide our members fresh, seasonal varieties with a quality that goes unmatched.  When you join the Seminary Hill Farm's CSA program, you can expect to choose your portion of the harvest every week of the season.  Every detail is taken into careful consideration so you can trust in both the quality and freshness of the varieties found in your CSA share.


Discover Healthy Meals with Quality Ingredients


How Our CSA Program Works


There is an incredible amount of planning that takes place prior to each season so that each week offers fresh flavor and a unique experience. Prior to your scheduled pick up, the farm team will harvest the fresh, local food that will be provided through our CSA program that week. Each item found in your CSA subscription will be harvested at its peak and assessed based on our high standard of quality. You can expect whole ingredients that are properly washed and ready for you to prepare and enjoy.


Each week of the season, you will be able to visit our on-site farm stand and choose the hyper-local ingredients that make up your preferred share size.  The experience is similar to a traditional farmer's market and you will be able to select from an average of twelve different varieties. You will be provided a number of credits based on the share size you chose when you signed up for the CSA program. Each item at our farm stand will have a credit value assigned. For example, a bag of our fresh Brassica Salad mix will be four credits.  The best part about our CSA Harvest share distribution is that you are able to define what seasonal varieties work best for you and your household and our farm team is there to answer any questions you may have.  


Your CSA subscription will provide quality, whole ingredients that are full of both flavor and nutrients.  Each week, you will also receive a newsletter filled with helpful recipes, storage tips and preparation ideas.  Our team of chefs at Seminary Hill Kitchen have worked closely with the farm to help create a CSA program that is focused on enjoying and celebrating fresh ingredients in a real and practical way.  As members of the Seminary Hill Farm CSA program, you will also have exclusive access to live cooking demonstrations, farm-to-table dinners, and other special events.

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Harvested from the Fields and Delivered Directly to You

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