Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen

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Meet the Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen Team

The Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen team is committed to sourcing high-quality ingredients from small, sustainable farms within our community including Seminary Hill Farm, which is located just steps from the kitchen's back door. We are focused on creating a place for our community to gather and celebrate local food with an authentic connection from their farm to your plate. In order to accomplish this, our team partners with a dedicated network of talented farmers and producers.  We source seasonal ingredients and offer an ever-changing menu based on the flavors available that time of year in Central Ohio.   

We believe local food should be valued and celebrated and that is why we are proud to introduce such a skilled team that can elevate the simple flavors of fresh food and offer our community something to truly enjoy.  The Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen team consists of the elite trio, Executive Chef James Akers, Chef de Cuisine Brian Murphy, Sarah Black and Daejah McCormick. Sarah Black is a professional baker and the celebrated author of "One Dough, Ten Breads."  Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen offers a combined 72 years of culinary experience that runs a full spectrum of style and preparation.  From exquisite meals served on "gold-lined" table cloths in fine dining rooms to the more traditional, home-style meals served family style, the team promises to offer a savory and an honest connection from field to fork.  There is no limit to the possibilities or creative onslaught of ideas that flow through the minds of the capable Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen team.