Thanksgiving Harvest Box

Thanksgiving Local Food Box

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to gather as a community and celebrate the good food that is grown in our region during this time of year.  From high-quality produce to pasture-raised turkey, chicken and eggs, the Seminary Hill Farm Thanksgiving Harvest Box offers everything you need to make this holiday meal a true connection from farm to plate.


How It Works:


1. Select each of the items that will work best for your holiday meal.

2. Choose your pickup location.

3. Join us during the distribution time and we will have your items available for you to pick up.

4. Prepare and celebrate!


Choose Your Items

Local Food Columbus

Thanksgiving Harvest Box

Elevate your Thanksgiving meal with fresh flavors and quality ingredients.  From crisp turnips to made-from-scratch chicken stock, the Thanksgiving Harvest Box has everything you need to create a memorable holiday.

Pastured Turkey Columbus

Pastured Turkey

The pastured turkey from Covey Rise Farm is both nutritious and delicious.  You will be able to exceed your guests' expectations and show your support for small, sustainable farms within our community.

Pastured Chicken Columbus

Pastured Whole Chicken

The pastured whole chicken from Hartsburg Farm is the perfect alternative for smaller gatherings and still offers the sweet aroma of a delicately roasted and savory meal.  Make sure to reserve yours today.

Eggs Columbus Ohio

Dozen Eggs

There is nothing better than a farm fresh egg except when the chicken that laid it was raised on open pasture to forage on tall grass and legumes.  This creamy golden yolk will elevate the simple flavors of your dish.


Pickup Locations and Distribution Times

Local Food CSA Delaware Ohio

Seminary Hill Farm

3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware, Ohio 43015

Distribution: Monday, November 20. 2017 4pm-6pm

Local Food CSA location Delaware Ohio

Olivina Taproom

44 South Sandusky Street, Delaware, OH 43015

Distribution: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 5pm-7pm