Summer CSA Program

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For members of the metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio, the summer season is filled with hot, sticky days and warm summer nights.  Seminary Hill Farm embraces this change in weather because it provides an opportunity for cultivating different varieties that thrive in the heat.  From tart tomatillos to sweet sugar baby watermelons, the Summer CSA program delivers fresh flavor with a quality that goes unmatched. Our certified organic farm uses hand managed spaces to cultivate and harvest the food grown in our fields.  When you join the Summer CSA program, you can expect to receive quality ingredients to enjoy and prepare every week of the summer season.    


What to Expect

The Summer CSA Program offers eight weekly distributions.  Each week, members will receive fresh, local food with a difference in quality you can taste.  Each of these ingredients are grown and harvested from our certified organic farm.  The team is dedicated to offering a high-quality product that the community can gather and celebrate around.


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Meal-planning Guides, Cooking Tips and More

Each CSA member will also receive a newsletter that contains helpful recipes, storage tips and preparation ideas.  Our chefs have worked closely with the farm team to develop a newsletter filled with information that is both practical and unique for our members. We realize that you have busy lives but still want to enjoy health meals.  Our newsletter is designed with this in mind.

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How it Works

1. Choose the share size and location that will work best for you. 

2. Arrive during the CSA distribution time for your location and hand select the items for your CSA share.

3. Celebrate and enjoy! As a member of our CSA program, you will also have exclusive access to farm-to-table dinners, live cooking demonstrations and special events.