Spring CSA Program

Dates for 2019 Coming Soon

The spring season in Columbus, Ohio introduces slowly warming temperatures and a welcomed break from the dreary days of winter.  The ground begins to thaw and our menus begin to shift away from storage root vegetables and towards heartier varieties, such as beets and spinach that can thrive in the warming temperatures.  The Spring CSA subscription is able to begin as early as May because we utilize a combination of season extension techniques and understand how to cultivate a fresh, quality product despite the hard to predict temperatures.

 CSA Program Columbus

How it Works

1. Choose your CSA pickup location

2. Select your share options

3. Sign up with your preferred payment plan.

4.  Arrive at your CSA pickup location and hand select your items based on your share size. Celebrate and enjoy!




What to Expect

The Spring CSA subscription offers 8 weekly distributions.  Each week, members can meet us at one of our CSA pickup locations and hand-select the items in their CSA share from our farm stand. If you are not sure what to expect, look at the gallery above to see what our CSA members were able to choose from last Spring.  Our farm stand will offer an average of twelve different seasonal varieties and each of these items will have value credits assigned ranging from three to six credits. You will be provided a number of credits based on the share size you choose. There will also be pasture-raised eggs from our farm and freshly baked bread from at Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen available as part of the selection. Seminary Hill Farm is committed to building both the quality of the soil and the health of the plant through biological farming. When you join the Seminary Hill Farm CSA program, you can trust that the local food provided each week was cultivated with delicate consideration and properly prepared for you to take home and enjoy.

CSA Share Distribution Location Information:

  • Seminary Hill Farm, 3081 Columbus Pike, Delaware OH 43015

    • Distribution: Tuesday, 4pm - 6pm

    • Dates for 2019 Coming Soon

  • Meeting Haus, 588 S 3rd Street, Columbus OH 43215

    • Distribution: Monday, 5pm- 7pm

    • Dates for 2019 Coming Soon

CSA Harvest Share Sizes:

  • Salad Share: 16 credits per week

  • Half Share: 25 credits per week

  • Full Share: 40 credits per week

We also offer a Protein Share that features pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork sourced from hyper-local farms that are committed to the same tenets of sustainability that we hold in such high esteem.  We have partnered with farms within our region that take great pride in offering a high-quality product for members of our community to celebrate.  When you subscribe to the Protein Share, you will receive a variety of pastured chicken, beef and pork each week of the season.  Each item will be source-identified so you will know the farmer that provided it. For more detailed information about the protein share and the talented farms we work with, please visit our Protein Share page.

Protein Share Sizes:

  • Full Protein Share: Average of 10 lbs of pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork every two weeks

    • An example of what one week of the Full Protein Share would include: 1 whole chicken, 4 1/2 lb burgers, 1 lb of ground beef and 1 package of chicken wings

  • Half Protein Share: Average of 5 lbs of pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork every two weeks

    • An example of what one week of the Half Protein Share would include: 1 lb of ground beef, 1 lb of ground pork and 1 package of chicken breasts


 Local Food Columbus Ohio

Meal-planning Guides, Cooking Tips and More

Each CSA share will include helpful recipes, storage tips and preparation ideas.  Our chefs have worked closely with the farm team to develop a newsletter filled with information that is both practical and unique for our members. Whether you are a trained chef or a beginner in the kitchen, the fresh, whole ingredients harvested from the farm will help you discover delicious recipes week after week.