The Protein Share


Seminary Hill Farm is proud to partner with local chicken, beef, lamb and pork producers within the region of Central Ohio and offer a Protein Share to our CSA members.  These small, sustainable farms practice the same tenets of sustainable agriculture and are dedicated to providing a high-quality product that was raised in open pasture.  The hard work of these local producers should be celebrated and enjoyed so please read below for more information about their tireless efforts.  They are truly talented at their craft and the quality of their products goes unmatched. 

The Protein Share is available in two different sizes and offers a variety of pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork. 

Protein Share Sizes:

  • Full Protein Share: Average of 10 lbs of pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork every two weeks
    • Example: 1 whole chicken, 4 1/2 lb burgers, 1 lb of ground beef and 1 package of chicken wings
  • Half Protein Share: Average of 5 lbs of pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork every two weeks
    • Example: 1 lb of ground beef, 1 lb of ground pork and 1 package of chicken breasts 

These shares are provided on a bi-weekly basis and are the perfect compliment to the CSA Harvest Share. 

Local Lamb Farm for CSA Share

Pastured Providence Farmstead


Chillicothe, OH

Paul and Heather are the owners of Pastured Providence Farmstead and provide pasture-raised lamb and pork for the protein share.  In the telling of their story, they explain, "Ever since the birth of our first born son, we have been on a journey of discovery regarding the issues surrounding vaccinations, food safety, pesticide use, GMOs, our government’s “regulatory” system and a host of other problems. Now we aim to find our place among the ranks of those who believe in a better way of raising food and are taking action based on those beliefs. Our vision is to make a living off the land by raising and selling pastured meats and other all-natural products."

Local Pork Farm CSA Share Ohio

Anderson Farm


Granville, Ohio

Anderson Farm is owned and managed by Jess, James and their seven children.  They provide pasture-raised pork for the protein share. If you have every had the pleasure of eating at Ray Ray's Hog Pit, you know that the flavor of Anderson Farm's pork is unforgettable. Their animals are raised humanely in open pasture. They are allowed to roam freely and live happy lives in family groups. When speaking about what they do different, they explain, "Our goal is to keep the animals on clean, dry and grassy grounds – instead of mud and dirt. We really want the animals to graze the greens for healthier life and tastier meats. We also raise only heritage breed pigs to get good marbling and deep coloring." 

Local Farm Protein CSA Share 

Covey Rise Farm


Radnor, Ohio

Covey Rise Farms was founded in 2014 with the purchase of 3 lambs, 100 chickens, and 3 bee hives and now provides pasture-raised chicken for the protein share.  Since its humble beginnings, it has successfully expanded and grown year after year. Covey Rise Farms is now featured on the menus of some of Columbus' favorite restaurants and eateries.  Charlie is dedicated to regenerative and pasture based agriculture.  When asked what the mission statement for the farm is, he details, "The mission of Covey Rise Farms LLC is to provide ecologically and morally superior agricultural products while continuing to enhance the land and provide agricultural education."

Local Beef Farm Columbus Ohio

Raven Rocks Farm


Beallsville, Ohio

Raven Rocks Farm provides pasture-raised beef for the protein share.  In 1970, the acreage known as Raven Rocks was purchased by a small group of friends, students and teachers.  The intention was to preserve the rock outcroppings, waterfalls, woodland and farmland for generations to come. For the past 35 years, Raven Rocks has maintained a small, grass-fed beef herd that is certified organic. The farmers of Raven Rock explain, "We have managed all our activities mindful that we are but stewards of our environment and because of our generation’s greater understanding we have the responsibility to pass it on as good or better than we found it."


We would like to encourage you to follow their journey through Facebook and Instagram so you can build an authentic connection from farm to plate.