Seminary Hill Farm is committed to building a sustainable food system for our community and encouraging a conversation about local food.  Here is some general information to help you understand our CSA program and the principles our farm is founded on.  If you have other questions or need more information, please email us and we will make it a priority to follow up with you.

What is Seminary Hill Farm?

Seminary Hill Farm is located on the campus of the Methodist Theological School in Ohio, just minutes north of Columbus, Ohio and is committed to providing the surrounding community access to fresh, quality food.  The farm is a sustainable market farm on about 10 acres.  Each field is carefully planned by a team of experienced farmers and each crop is carefully cultivated using sustainable farming practices.  Some of these techniques include crop rotation, hand management, companion planting, biological pest management and the use of fertilizers that are organic in origin, such as compost.  A series of hoop houses, high tunnels and low tunnels is utilized to extend the growing season and provide quality food all year long.  The fresh, local food harvested from Seminary Hill Farm is provided to the community in a number of different ways.  Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen incorporates the quality ingredients from the farm into their daily menus and private events.  Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program offers members of the community weekly access to seasonal varieties just harvested from the farm.  We also attend local farmer's markets and provide hyper-local ingredients to local restaurants within the region. 

What Does CSA mean?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a common acronym used to describe seasonal programs local farms can offer to the community.  When members join a CSA program, they can expect to receive a portion of the farm's harvest every season.  The CSA program at Seminary Hill Farm takes this model and elevates it to offer members a convenient and practical way to enjoy and celebrate fresh, quality food. Our program is focused helping members create delicious and healthy meals using whole foods harvested from the farm.  Each week, members will be able to choose from seasonal varieties, recently harvested and provided directly through the CSA program.  Our CSA subscriptions also include suggested recipes, preparation ideas and storage tips.  

The CSA at Seminary Hill Farm provides a great opportunity for the community to gather and celebrate good food.  Our members receive exclusive access to farm-to-table events, live cooking demonstrations and specialty events.  We are passionate about local food and are excited about creating opportunities that encourage a conversation about the importance of where our food comes from.  

If i sign up for a CSA season, what will i receive?

When you sign up for a CSA season, you can expect to receive fresh, hyper-local ingredients every week of the season. Each season offers a unique experience because it will vary based on what can be grown in the central Ohio region during that time of year.  Included in your CSA program will be items you are familiar with, such as onions and potatoes, as well as varieties you will not normally find in a grocery store, such as Microgreens or Purple Dragon Carrots. Each product has been carefully planned, cultivated and harvested at its peak so you can experience what truly fresh, truly local food tastes like. 

For a more details about our CSA program, please visit our CSA Information page.

What is the benefit of joining a csa?

There are many benefits to joining a Community Supported Agriculture program.  Each week, you will receive fresh food that was recently harvested and delivered directly to you.  It is full of flavor and nutrients that would otherwise be lost in transit when food is aggregated from a large farming production and delivered to a major grocery chain.  As a member of our CSA program, we offer total transparency and you have a complete connection from farm to fork.  You can visit the farm and become familiar with the fields your CSA varieties are grown in.  You can meet the farm team and ask questions about how your food was raised.  You can take pride in knowing that you are supporting a local farm within our community that is committed to preserving the integrity of the soil for generations to come.  A CSA program has many benefits besides the obvious benefit of eating healthy food.  It is about learning where our food comes from and the impact this has on the lives of members of our community.

do I have to commit to a whole season?

Our CSA program offers weekly distributions each session of the season.  We organized the program this way so our members would have the full experience of a CSA subscription.  If you have a planned vacation or simply too many activities that week, you can easily place your subscription on hold. Our goal is to make our CSA program both convenient and accommodating.