Fall CSA Program

Sept 23rd - Nov 14th

CSA Program Columbus

How it Works

1. Pick your the Fall Season CSA Share size and select any additional share options

2. Choose your CSA pickup Location

3. Sign up with your preferred payment plan and preferences

4. Customize your CSA share based on what is harvested from the farm that week

5.  Arrive at your CSA pickup location and pick up your customized CSA share. Celebrate and enjoy!



What to Expect

Customized Boxes

We realize that not everyone celebrates the same flavors so we have chosen to offer a CSA share our members can customize based on what is available on the farm that week. If you simply do not want radishes or maybe have an upcoming event you are planning and want several bunches of carrots, our CSA program will work to accommodate you.

Select Add-On Items

In addition to our CSA share, you will also have the option of adding protein, egg and bread shares. Seminary Hill Farm is proud to partner with local chicken, beef, lamb and pork producers within the region of Central Ohio and offer a Protein Share to our CSA members. The Protein Share is distributed bi-weekly and is available in full and half protein share size. For more information about the Protein Share and the farms we work with, please click here.

You can also choose to add the egg share or the bread share to your weekly subscription. If you select the egg share, you will receive a dozen pasture-raised eggs that are from the chickens at Seminary Hill Farm. If you select the bread share, you will receive freshly baked, artisan bread created by the professional baker at Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen, Sarah Black. For more details about what our bread share offers, please click here. Both of these items are of high-quality and will complete your experience with our CSA program.

Weekly Payment Plans

At sign up, you will have the option to pay in full or subscribe to weekly payments. Select the choice that works best for you and let us handle the rest.

Vacation Holds

We understand that life can get busy and things come up. Whether you have a vacation planned or simply have too many activities planned that week, you can easily place your CSA subscription on hold or change your pick up locations to make CSA distribution more convenient.

Recipe Suggestions

Each week of the CSA season, you will have access to recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources for each of the items in your CSA share. Our team is excited about each of the varieties we have planned this year and cannot wait to see how how our members take the food harvested from our farm and create something amazing in their own kitchens.

Local Food Program Columbus Ohio

The changing season offers new flavors to celebrate

After the hottest months of summer come to a close, the fall season is a welcome relief to members of the Columbus, Ohio area. As the temperatures begin to drop and the nights threaten frost, Seminary Hill Farm is busy planning and preparing for this anticipated change in the weather. Root vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and turnips, cultivate in our fields while more delicate varieties, such as herbs and salad mixes, remain protected in our system of high tunnels, low tunnels and hoop houses. Our practical knowledge of effective season extension techniques allow us to provide a full harvest each and every week for our members to enjoy.


CSA Share Sizes:

There are three different CSA share sizes to choose from during the Summer season.

Salad CSA Share

Salad CSA Share: 1 to 2 People

$16 per week

Half CSA Share

Half CSA Share: 2 to 4 People

$28 per week

Full CSA Share

Full CSA Share: Larger Families

$40 per week


Additional Options to Add on to your CSA Share:

You can also choose to add any of the following options to your CSA share.

  1. Protein Share Sizes:

  • Full Protein Share: Average of 10 lbs of pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork every two weeks

    • An example of what one week of the Full Protein Share would include: 1 whole chicken, 4 1/2 lb burgers, 1 lb of ground beef and 1 package of chicken wings

    • $65 per delivery (every two weeks)

  • Half Protein Share: Average of 5 lbs of pasture-raised chicken, beef, lamb and pork every two weeks

    • An example of what one week of the Half Protein Share would include: 1 lb of ground beef, 1 lb of ground pork and 1 package of chicken breasts

    • $35 per delivery (every two weeks)

For more detailed information about the protein share and the talented farms we work with, please visit our Protein Share page.

2. Bread Share

Each week of the Spring CSA season, members who sign up for the Bread Share will receive a freshly baked loaf of bread crafted by Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen’s professional baker, Sarah Black. She is an incredible talent that will change the way you think about all things bread.

$14 per week

3. Egg Share

Each week, CSA members who sign up for the egg share will receive a dozen eggs from the pasture-raised chickens at Seminary Hill Farm. Our “ladies” are free to roam on open pasture and forage on plants and legumes. This is diet produces a gorgeous golden yolk that is full of both flavor and nutrients.

$5 per week



We offer many different pick up locations and distribution times throughout the metro area of Columbus, Ohio. For the complete details of all our current CSA pickup locations for the Summer season, please click the button below.