Community Testimonials

Seminary Hill Farm is committed to providing fresh, local food that the surrounding community of Columbus, Ohio can celebrate and enjoy.  Whether we are making crop plans prior to the season or in the fields harvesting right before the CSA program distribution, each and every detail is carefully considered so we can offer our members a unique experience.  Our team understands that the harvest from the farm is the best way to gather a community that is committed to supporting local food and building a sustainable food system for our region.  Each season, we reach out to those that are participating in our CSA program to gain valuable feedback to help us strengthen and improve.  Find out what other members of our Seminary Hill Farm community are saying about our CSA program.  

CSA Share Columbus


"We love having locally grown fresh produce from our community. It gives us a chance to support the work of the farm, and also to reap the benefit of having safe, healthy, organic, locally sourced produce. As long as we're here, we'll participate in the CSA." -Shannon, CSA member


"We love getting all the various greens and veggies. We love knowing the farmers and seeing them each week when we pick up our CSA. It's about more than the produce, it's also about community." -Margie, CSA member

CSA Program Columbus

"The CSA gives us a way to support the work of the farm and the many opportunities and programs that come along with the farm. The quality of the produce has been great and the price is reasonable." -Beth, CSA member


"I was VERY satisfied with this size! It was perfect." -Rachelle, CSA member


"I was new to the farm-share this year and enjoyed seeing all that was made available." -Dan, CSA member



Best CSA food Columbus


"Loved the addition of the mushrooms this year. All of it is delicious. Really enjoy the greens, salad mixes, herbs and tomatoes." -Jackie, CSA member


"Thanks to all of the Seminary Hill Farm farmers!" -Russell, CSA member


"It was great and look forward to participating in the future." -Tracy, CSA member