Community Supported Agriculture Program

CSA Subscription Columbus Ohio

Seminary Hill Farm's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program offers fresh, local food to members of the metropolitan area of Columbus, Ohio every week of the season.  We provide hyper-local produce grown by our skilled team of farmers and harvested from our sustainable, market farm. Our team has worked hard to plan and create a program that allows you to eat local food in a new way. When you sign up for our CSA program, you can expect quality ingredients that were planned, cultivated and harvested with intention. 


Sign up for each CSA Season:

Local Food CSA program Columbus

Spring CSA Season

May 6th - June 27th

CSA program food Columbus

Summer CSA Season

July 1st - Sept 19th 

CSA Share Program Potatoes Columbus

Fall CSA Season

Sept 23rd - Nov 14th

When you join our CSA program, you can expect more than just high-quality ingredients.

What is a CSA program?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA program allows you to play a direct role in building a sustainable food system for your community and supporting a local farm. When you join a CSA program, you can expect to receive a portion of the farm’s harvest every week of the CSA season. The CSA program through Seminary Hill Farm provides honestly fresh, high-quality ingredients that are harvested before CSA distribution every week. The seasonal varieties found in our CSA share are grown using sustainable farming techniques that build the soil and produce a healthy plant.

Customized Boxes

Every week of the CSA season, you will be able to visit our one of our CSA distribution locations and pick up the hyper-local ingredients you customized for your CSA Harvest share. We understand that every household is different so that is why each of our customized boxes are based on what you want. If you simply do not want beets or maybe have an upcoming event you are planning and want several bunches of carrots, we can meet and exceed your expectation. Customized boxes will allow you to select your preferences at sign-up and then customize your CSA share each week based on our harvest. This will help you actually use everything in the box because you’ll have chosen everything you are getting. We chose to offer our CSA program this way so you are able to choose what quality ingredients will work best for you and your household.  It is a great way to savor fresh, healthy ingredients in a practical and convenient way.

Select Add-On Items

Seminary Hill Farm is proud to partner with local chicken, beef, lamb and pork producers within the region of Central Ohio and offer a Protein Share to our CSA members. The Protein Share is distributed bi-weekly and is available in full and half protein share size. Each of the items included in the Protein Share are sourced from small, sustainable farms that practice the same tenets of sustainable agriculture and are dedicated to providing a high-quality product that was raised in open pasture. For more information about the Protein Share and the farms we work with, please click here.

In addition to your CSA share, you can also choose to add the egg add-on or the bread add-on to your weekly subscription. If you select the egg add-on, you will receive a dozen pasture-raised eggs that are from the chickens at Seminary Hill Farm. If you select the bread add-on, you will receive freshly baked, artisan bread created by the professional baker at Seminary Hill Farm Kitchen, Sarah Black. Both of these items are of high-quality and will complete the CSA program with Seminary Hill Farm.

Weekly Payment Plans

Our CSA program provides a convenient and realistic way for our CSA members to enjoy local food. At sign up, you will have the option to pay in full or subscribe to weekly payments. Select the choice that works best for you and get ready to celebrate fresh, local food every week of the season.

Vacation Holds

The team at Seminary Hill Farm understands that life is not always routine and we want our CSA program to accommodate your busy schedule, Whether you have a vacation planned or simply have too many activities planned that week, you can easily place your CSA subscription on hold or change your pick up locations to make CSA distribution more convenient.

Recipe Suggestions

Each week of the CSA season, you will have access to recipe suggestions, cooking tips, storage, and food prep resources for each of the items in your CSA share. Our CSA program’s goal is to create a service that is both usable and convenient. Our team is excited about each of the varieties we have planned this year and cannot wait to see how our members celebrate each of their unique flavors.