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CSA Policy

CSA Member Agreement

Thank you for your interest in supporting Seminary Hill Farm. Investing in a CSA helps to engage the community in supporting small-scale sustainable agriculture while keeping food dollars local. As a member, you can take pride in knowing that you have made a conscious effort to support the local economy, demonstrate your commitment to ecology, and aid in furthering the good food movement.

Our Commitment:

Seminary Hill Farm is a 10 acre hand-managed and sustainable agriculture operation on the campus of the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is not only a commitment to the land but also a commitment to our members to provide them with the healthiest, freshest produce available. We will supply full share members with 10-12 items per week, and half share members with 6-8 items per week. We do our best to manage our allotted space appropriately, and accept the risk and reward of four season farming.

Your Commitment:

I understand that four season farming is unpredictable and crops and quantities will change by the seasons. By joining Seminary Hill Farm, I agree to share in the risks and rewards inherent to four season farming. I understand there may be various fluctuations in quality and quantity depending on unpredictable weather and other uncontrollable factors. I agree to pay the allotted price for the chosen season and will submit payments in a timely fashion. I agree to arrive at my chosen distribution location at the designated distribution time for that location.  I understand that if I am unavailable to pick up my share during the allotted time and wish to have it packed that I need to contact Noel Deehr at 248-396-3068 or email, by 5PM on the distribution day. I understand I can also contact Tadd Petersen at 614-802-7272 or email,  If I choose to not have my share packed it will be donated. If I choose to split my share with someone, it is my responsibility as the primary member to communicate all important information to my share partner.