Recipes, Storage Tips and More

Seminary Hill Farm's CSA Share features fresh, local produce and a weekly newsletter to help you easily prepare and enjoy quality ingredients. Each of the ingredients will be sourced from our sustainable market farm, located just minutes north of Columbus, Ohio. There is a tremendous amount of planning that happens prior to each growing season so we can offer our CSA members a full variety of produce to celebrate and enjoy. From hyper-local ingredients to delicious recipes, the CSA share allows you to eat local in an all new way.

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Easy to Prepare

The ingredients chosen for your CSA Harvest Share will have a featured recipe with step-by-step instructions.  Whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or an experienced chef, these exquisite recipes are created for you to easily prepare and enjoy.

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Impossible to Resist

The CSA Harvest Share includes seasonal recipes that highlight the fresh quality of the ingredients.  Our chefs have taken the time to plan a variety of recipes that offer a unique experience every week.

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Fresh Ingredients

The hyper-local products included in our CSA program are harvested with you in mind.  Each variety is cultivated to its full maturity and delivered to you so you can expect truly fresh food.

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Nutritious Meals

One of the benefits of eating local products is that you maintain nutrients that would normally be lost in transit.  Our sustainable production techniques also promote a nutrient-dense product.

CSA Share Columbus

Savory Flavor

Our team of chefs is focused on creating delicious meals.  Working closely with the farm, the recipes they have created take the seasonal varieties and elevate them with savory flavor.