Bread Share

In addition to your CSA share, members of our CSA program can select a Bread Share. Each week, you will receive a freshly baked artisan bread from the amazingly talented and skilled baker, Sarah Black. She has had years of experience in all things bread and has become a true expert in her craft. Each season will offer a specific menu of breads that will be offered through the distribution dates. We are so proud to offer this to our members and we know you will have a whole new understanding of what the art of bread making really is.

Local Bread Columbus

Seminary Hill Farm Signature Bread: Whole Wheat, Rye and Honey

Our signature three pound sectioned round of whole wheat, rye and honey is made to last a week on your table, or the three sections can be pulled apart and frozen. Its deep, rich flavor and aroma and hearty texture make this the perfect bread for breakfast toast, or as a sandwich, or passed around the table for Sunday supper. We are proud to say that the flours for this bread include the heritage grain called Turkey Red Wheat, and an organic rye, both Ohio grown and milled at Stutzman Farms in Holmes County.

Artisan Bread Columbus

Seminary Hill Farm Signature Bread: Milk Bread

As a perfect counterpoint to our signature whole wheat, this lovely brioche-like bread contains milk and butter, creating the kind of ethereal interior crumb that almost floats up off the table. This three pound loaf will also last a week on your counter, and can be frozen as well. The aroma of this bread toasting begins a day in the best of ways. It makes a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, and can be used as the base for many different kinds of hors d’ oeuvres, toasted with infused oils and topped with grilled vegetables, mild goat cheeses or fresh herbs.

Bread CSA Program Columbus

Seminary Hill Farm Exclusive Bread for Spring: Sweet Focaccia

This delicious flatbread had its beginnings when Sarah worked in NYC. Her recipe was introduced by the NYT Magazine for the unique fruit-filled interior of tart Michigan cherries and sweet golden raisins, topped with crunchy turbinado sugar. For 20 years, it has been Sarah’s favorite go-to bread for breakfast and dessert, or serve it as the bread of choice for a cheese plate. This one pound round will last a week, (but probably won’t because it’s so good. . .)

Sarah is in the process of determing which exclusive bread will be featured for the Summer and Fall seasons. We will update as soon as she has decided!