Top Five Ways to Use Your Pickled Radishes

Pickled radishes offer vibrant color and a tangy bite to any dish.  They compliment so many different flavors and add an extra something to elevate the taste of the meal.  The team at Seminary Hill Farm considers pickled radishes a staple item for any kitchen so we offered them to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members as part of our CSA membership this summer.  If you were not lucky enough to snag these refrigerator pickled radishes through our program, here is a quick recipe you can use to make them yourselves.  It takes less than 20 minutes and most of the ingredients you will probably have on hand.  Once you have the pickled radishes, the next question is how to use this deliciously nutritious fermented food. Here are our top five ways to use pickled radishes that will help you empty one jar and then find yourself reaching for another.


meatball bahn mi.jpg

by The Works of Life


The team at Seminary Hill Farm is committed to providing the community with fresh, quality food harvested directly from our certified organic farm.  If you would like more information about joining our community and becoming a member of our CSA program, please visit our CSA Program page.

Leslie Petersen