A Community Supporting Agriculture

CSA Program Columbus

The community of Columbus, Ohio is an amazing place filled with energy and excitement.  Whether you are biking down the Scioto Mile or catching a bite to eat at the North Market, you can see the love and support among members of this community.  It is a place that Seminary Hill Farm is proud to be part of and with that comes a strong sense of responsibility.  The farm team is committed to providing members of our community access to fresh, quality food that is grown with intention and preserves the soil of our region.  From seed to harvest, we are cultivating food that we hope will offer a true connection between the community and the grower.

One way that we hope to connect with the community is through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  It offers a chance for our farm team to build a relationship with the surrounding community that is based on the fresh food we harvest from our certified organic farm.  By supporting our farm prior to the season, members are able to receive a share of the harvest every week.  Months before a single seed even goes into the soil, our team is at work laying out crop plans that will determine what is harvested from week to week during the seasons.  This is done with careful consideration for our CSA members and we hope that they will be just as excited as we are as the weeks progress and the seasons change.  We are dedicated to cultivating a healthy plant in an environment filled with biodiversity so our CSA members will receive good food that they can enjoy and celebrate.  Our connection with the community allows us to plan both the planting and the harvesting so we can offer a product that is truly fresh and nutrient-dense.  Providing high-quality produce is a responsibility we do not take lightly and we hope it will encourage a conversation about where our food is coming from.

Supporting CSA programs and local food also has benefits for the community.  When you purchase your food directly from a farm, you are offered complete transparency.  There are no labels to read or misleading marketing to interpret.  When you visit the farm stand at each of our CSA distribution locations, our farm team is available to answer any questions you may have.  They are the team that is in the fields growing your food and have an authentic connection to the seasonal varieties harvested for your CSA harvest share.  We believe a CSA program is about more than just purchasing produce.  It is telling a story about our community and the delicious food that can be grown within the region.  Every week, we also offer helpful recipes and preparation tip so you receive a complete and unique experience.  

CSA programs are beneficial to the community because they help build a sustainable food system for our region.  When you choose to directly support a small, sustainable farm, you are helping create a local food system that is founded on preserving the integrity of the soil and the diversity of our food system.  Small-scale farming operations that are dedicated to sustainable agriculture provide access to heirloom varieties and other unusual varieties that the large-scale operations are unable to grow.  Items such as purple dragon carrots or watermelon radishes can be celebrated by CSA members and become staples in our community's farmer's markets.  Sustainable agriculture also works with nature to build the nutrients in the soil so healthy plants are able to mature into nutrient-dense produce.  These soil-building techniques preserve the landscape for generations to come.  When you support a small, sustainable farm, you can consider it an investment that will prove beneficial for your community.  A CSA program truly is about the community supporting agriculture and we are grateful for the opportunity it offers our team to connect to members of the community of Columbus, Ohio.


If you would like more information about our CSA Program, please visit our CSA Program page.