The Fresh Harvest

Organic Farm Columbus Ohio

     Every plant at Seminary Hill Farm begins as a seed.  It is common wisdom that successful farmers develop an understanding of how to help that seed grow into a vital, healthy plant.  Elliot Coleman eloquently explains in the New Organic Grower, "The more successful a farmer, the better the understanding of how to enhance the natural processes without overwhelming them.  That simply stated idea is the key to successful organic food production."  From seed to harvest, we are focused on using that wisdom to help the seed do what it is intended to do.  All of our time and effort goes into producing a high-quality vegetable that can be enjoyed and celebrated by members of the community.  It is a great moment of pride for our farm team when we recognize that the once delicate seeds have matured into a strong, healthy plants and are ready to be harvested.  Knowing when but also how to harvest is key and our team is concentrated on doing this perfectly in order to preserve the quality and health of the fresh produce. 

     Even after it is harvested, a plant will continue to respire.  This means that a plant will continue to grow and burn energy, just as it did when it was attached to the roots.  As the harvested produce continues to respire, valuable characteristics such as flavor and nutrients will begin to fade.  From the equipment we use to the post harvest treatment, we strive to slow this respiration process and maintain key factors, such as sweetness, flavor, nutrition, and texture.  Our team implements proper techniques, such as precooling and cold storage, to maintain the health of the plant and preserve its quality.   It is a freshness that you can actually taste and we make sure to take the extra effort so our community is able to celebrate and enjoy the full flavor our harvest offers.

     Once our produce is harvested from the farm, it is provided directly to members of the community of Columbus, Ohio.  Our team has taken every detail into careful consideration while planting, cultivating and harvesting and it would be a waste to allow this quality to be lost in poor storage or in transit.  Whether we are harvesting for the farmer's market or our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, the harvest plan is scheduled prior to these events so we can to offer a truly fresh product with a quality that goes unmatched.  This is the difference between the fresh, local food Seminary Hill Farm provides and the produce you find in a large grocery store chain.  Our farm is designed to provide local food for members of our community.  It offers a true farm-to-table experience and you will not only know how the organic food was grown, but you will also know how it was harvested.  


If you would like to know more about our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and how you can receive fresh, local food harvested from our farm every week of the season, please visit our CSA Program page for details.