Celebrate CSA Day with Us!

CSA Day is February 24, 2017

CSA Day Columbus

So What is CSA Day?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is a direct-to-consumer business model for local farms within your community.  Members can sign up for a CSA program and receive a portion of the fresh harvest every week of the CSA season.  Local farms can choose to distribute their shares weekly or bi-weekly.  Some CSA shares come pre-packed and others allow you to choose the items in your share.  The key benefit of signing up for a CSA program is that it provides members of the community a connection with where their food is being grown.  You can build an understanding of the principles that guide the techniques used on the farm and create a relationship with the farm team that is growing your food.

CSA Day is a way for the community to celebrate the work of small, local farms within the area and show their support for local food.  It is considered the busiest day for CSA programs because it is reported to be the most popular day of the year for members of the community to sign up with a local CSA program.  It is also a day dedicated to celebrating Community Supported Agriculture.  Make sure to save the date and share your support with the #CSADay.


Sign up on CSA Day and help us celebrate Community Supported Agriculture.

Farmer's Market Columbus

Seminary Hill Farm is committed to providing fresh, quality food harvested directly from our certified organic farm to members of the surrounding community of Columbus, Ohio.  We offer complete transparency so members can understand the origin of their food and can have a true connection from field to fork.   From seed to harvest, each of our team members is dedicated to cultivating healthy, nutrient-dense food that can be celebrated and enjoyed.  You can have access to our fresh harvest by signing up for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Each week of the CSA season, you can hand-select the seasonal varieties that will be found in your CSA harvest share.  The farm team has taken every detail into careful consideration so you are provided quality produce and a unique experience each week.  A weekly newsletter will also be given to you that includes recipes, storage tips and preparation ideas so you can savor each of the seasonal varieties in a practical way.  We believe that our CSA program is a way to bring the community together and support fresh, quality food from local farms.  Show your support and help celebrate CSA Day by signing up for our CSA program.  The first session of Summer begins May 4th.

Leslie Petersen